The kids’ group classes focus on teaching children, from 4 years old, all basic technical skills.
The sessions are integrated with fitness training, motor skills and coordination exercises.

Groups are formed by the level, strength and potential of players. Each group can accommodate up to 6 players and will last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. The classes can be conducted in private courts or private residences.

We place high importance on the quality of the balls. The balls – red, orange, green dot and hard – are carefully selected and often replaced. We advise parents on the choice of racquets and inform them when it is time to change.

To assess and reward the kids for their competencies, we conduct colour certification exams. For teenage players already playing with hard balls, we have built some challenges based on the International Tennis Number, an official ranking system of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

We place high importance on the development of the players’ autonomy. All can participate in friendly tournaments.

For players who are keen to move towards the competitive level, we help to arrange and register their participation in the Junior Team Tennis League (JTTL). We will also help to advise parents on how to handle this sensitive transitional stage.

Finally, by working with experienced coaches overseas we create opportunities for our players to join intensive tennis camps, participate in tournaments and cultural tours in South of France.