A Life Passion

Driven by a lifelong passion for tennis, Matthieu Bonnafous, founder of B. Tennis, spent 38 years playing tennis and 22 years coaching over 2500 players. He started playing tennis at age 4, the day Yannick Noah won the French Grand Slam in Roland-Garros, fell in love with the game from the moment he picked up the racquet and has been playing ever since!

Tennis has taken him from France, his home country, to Tunisia, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore. Over the years, he had gained valuable experience from teaching to organising events and developing tennis policies for clubs and academies.

This had led to the creation of B. Tennis. The academy offers a range of programmes which can meet the needs and expectations of players of all ages and abilities – from first timers to returners and performance players. Private and group classes are available in private residences and public courts.

The improvement of students is our number one priority. We aim to provide them with the best fundamentals of tennis. Our programmes place emphasis on basic technical skills, physical intensity, cooperation and fun.

We value passion, honesty and dedication and continuously seek for a balance between pleasure and effort.

We aim to equip our students with clean technical skills which they can keep for their entire life and improve each time they play. We encourage them to go beyond their limits to develop their competencies. This helps to provide them with self-confidence and they will end up not only having more fun and becoming a better player, but also a better person.