If we have to cancel or delay a lesson due to inclement weather, we will notify you at least 45 minutes before the start of the class. We closely monitor the forecast for rain by using the NEA rain radar. We will do our best to ensure some play and when necessary, we will arrive earlier to squeeze out the water. If you do not receive any cancellation message, the class is considered to proceed.

We will stop and move under shelter. Your fee will be charged in proportion to the time completed, rounded to the nearest ¼ hour. We will try to make up for lost time. We will keep the children under surveillance until their parent / caregiver picks them up.

For the first couple of lessons, this is not necessary. We will bring one for you. Once you are sure you wish to continue with more lessons, we will provide you with all the details (size, weight and grip) required to buy a suitable racquet. We will also provide you with a list of reliable tennis retailers in Singapore.

You can pay via Paynow, Paylah, online transfer or cash.

Online transfer:

Account: 687861443001
Bank code: 7339 (OCBC)
Branch: North branch
Name: B. Tennis pte ltd

Paylah / Cash :
94255647 / M. Bonnafous

Paynow :
UEN: 201937954D

For first timers, payment is required before class.

For the rest, we can work out with you a suitable arrangement.

Payment can be made right after the class (same day) via Paynow, Paylah or following our monthly invoicing.

For amount below 300$, invoicing will occur every two months.

We would appreciate if you could drop us a line when you have processed payment.

Thank you.

We usually advise first-timers to start with a couple of private or semi-private sessions before joining a group class.

For young players, adult returners or advanced players, they can join a group immediately. For competitive players, we recommend to do one private and one group class a week.

For children, unless this is to make-up or to improve a specific pre-defined area, we recommend that private classes does not exceed 50% of the time they spend on the court.

During the rainy season, for competitors, we recommend two sessions (group and/or private) per week. On the contrary, when the weather is hot and dry or during school exams, training once a week is enough.

Around 5 to 20 hours depending on your age, fitness and the consistency of your training.

Improvement rate is not always linear. You must be patient and go through different stages. There is a “digesting’ time before one new learning can become solid. But it will. You will improve a lot at the beginning, then you might observe a stage less rewarding, then you will improve fast again. The key principle to improve fast is to have consistency in your training.

Parents are welcomed to stay on the court provided they are able to: Not communicate with their children in any manner (talking, gesturing), not move around the court (picking up the balls), stay quiet and relax on the bench.

Yes, we register and manage some JTTL Teams for young competitors. We also have a strong network of reliable parents and coaches to ensure that all our players can participate.
We do not register and manage teams in SMASH league. However, we actively help parents who are interested to set up their team.
We also help ladies wishing to join a WITS Team by working closely with some of the most committed and reliable team captains in Singapore.

Yes. This service is complimentary for our students.

You can get a good deal with the 20H packages but please take note of the validity period.

We try to be flexible with big families of 2 to 4 children.

Our rates are in the low end of the Singapore market range. Hence there is not much room for extra discount.

A good option when budget is tight is to share sessions with others.

Thanks to our individualized approach, our semi-privates and group classes are very efficient for improvement.

Yes, these fees are unrelated to the reason for late cancellation.

They have been implemented due to high cancellation rates and significant scheduling challenges.

The fees serve as compensation for having to decline other inquiries, cover our substantial administrative workload, and enable us to maintain affordable rates.

Additionally, they provide a guarantee for your coach to work in a secure environment with peace of mind.

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