Definitely the best coach! My two daughters 10 and 12, have improved tremendously ever since they went over Matthieu’s coaching. Matthieu has corrected lots of their wrong habits, and has brought their ground strokes and serves to an amazing level that I could ever thought they could achieve in a relatively short period of time. Not to mention the match strategies that he has imparted to the two girls along with each training session 👍👍👏👏

– Yvonne Leung

Matthieu is passionate about teaching tennis and it is a pleasure to be trained by someone so knowledgeable. The drills are always unique and effective and lessons are always fun and engaging. Matthieu can spot exactly where you are going wrong and quickly sets technique right to ensure constant improvement. We have had lessons for over 2 years and look forward to the lessons every week. Can’t recommend highly enough!

– Sarah Hartland-Mahon

I have known Matthieu for a number of years. The first time I saw him, I was with my coach
at the now defunct Farrer Park tennis centre, and he was teaching a group of five year olds who were barely the height of the tennis net. Having travelled around the world for Tour and having seen many many coaches, it was the way Matthieu taught the class, that caught my eye. You could tell that he knew exactly what he was doing. He had a clear structure and a clear pedagogy. What was exceptionally impressive was how his students (even at
this rambunctious age) were calm, listening to him and following instruction. If a coach can control a very young group of students to do exactly what is needed, he would be able to do exponentially more with older youth who understand instruction even better.

– Sarah Pang

Highly Recommended coach! I have been taking lessons with Coach Matthieu for more than 3.5 years now and I’m not about to stop. I have had mostly the same team mates training with me every Tuesday and it’s yet another proof that the lessons never get boring with Matthieu. We rarely do the same drills and Matthieu provides an excellent balance between fun games and challenging drills, ensuring good progress for all. His advises have allowed me to improve my game and I’m happy to recommend him to anyone willing to take lessons, whether an advanced player or a beginner. I’m just waiting for my kids to grow older to enrol them too!

– Thomas Leclercq

Matthieu is a great coach with great tennis coaching know-how! He trained our whole family for years and we were all so happy by our sessions, the kids as well as my husband and I. He adapts his teaching to everyone and make people do huge progress. I miss him so much now that we are in London!

– Noemie Raccat

My husband and myself have been coached by Matthieu for about a year and all I can say is, “Wow!” He is very patient, thoughtful and caring to all his students. He immediately understood what problems we are facing, whether in terms of tennis techniques or mental blocks, and kept on encouraging us to press on for the love of tennis.

He is extremely passionate about tennis, and it passes us down to us, the students to perform and excel well in the lessons!

He teaches all kinds of ages, from young to old, experienced or inexperienced so don’t fret if you know nothing about the sport.

Just give the lessons a try and you will fall in love with tennis like we do!

– Joy Xuyan Xiang

Matthieu has been my coach for private, semi-private lessons and group classes. In each of these, he has worked me hard and improved my technique to a point from complete beginner, to a confident and satisfied player. It is clear Matthieu is a true professional player as he is able to layer technical improvements to strokes or footwork as each one is achieved. He maximises the time in every session and ensures there is a great balance between instruction and drills to practice the new technique. I would highly recommend having lessons with Matthieu as players learn a lot with his most pleasant and kind approach yet firm enough to keep the motivation for maximum improvement for each training session.

– Tatiana