This is a degree programme for children under 12 years old. It follows the International Tennis Federation standards and is based on the French ball exams and the Australia-New Zealand “hot shots” degrees.

Each colour stage comprises 2 to 3 exams with a competency sheet and a degree. The purpose is to reward the children, provide parents with the competencies information of their children and to ensure that all coaches apply the same programme. It is also an excellent exercise for the children during the examination.

Since 2015, we have conducted over 600 examinations in Singapore, representing over 600 degrees and rewards delivered to young players and their parents.

For teenagers using hard balls, we have built some challenges (I.T.N. Challenges) based on the International Tennis Number, an official ranking system of the I.T.F.

Players can challenge themselves and each other based on different tennis and fitness exercises. They are then provided with a result sheet where top scorers and those with the best improvements are awarded.