Nathalie Roels is a mother of 2 young tennis players who recently relocated from Belgium with her family. Being a passionate tennis player and coach, she finds great joy in sharing her expertise and knowledge with fellow players in Singapore. She loves to guide kids, juniors and adults who are looking to take their tennis game to a higher level. 


Coach Nathalie holds a licence from the Belgium Tennis Federation, recognized as one of the world’s leading institutions in tennis coaching. This certification has been ranked as a golden level program by the International Tennis Federation.


She has almost 20 years of coaching experience in various tennis clubs and has been working with renowned academy directors. Always eager to enhance her pedagogical skills, she is frequently participating in coaching workshops and conferences and is up to date with the latest industry practices. 


Nathalie also has first-hand experience on the US college tennis scene, having received a scholarship to study and play at the prestigious NCAA Division 1 University of Kentucky where she was named Rookie of the Year. As a result, she can provide valuable guidance for students aspiring a similar path.


In her junior years, Nathalie achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the third position nationwide in her age category. This accomplishment allowed her to represent Belgium in international competitions at the U12 and U14 level and compete alongside several well-known WTA-ranked players. As a first national league player in Belgium, Nathalie secured a top 15 senior ranking. 


Thanks to her high-quality tennis Nathalie has the privilege of partnering with top women and men players in Singapore, including WTA player Sarah Pang. Additionally, she actively participates in the Singapore WITS tennis competition. 


Nathalie is fluent in English, Dutch, and French, enabling her to conduct tennis classes in these languages.


In addition to her tennis expertise, Nathalie holds two master degrees in communication and has professional experience in various industries such as communication, finance, sports and medical.


Nathalie resides in Holland Village and is available to teach in both Central and West Singapore. She can conduct lessons in private residences or public courts, depending on the preference of her students. 


Her motto is: “Always believe in yourself and never give up because you don’t know what success could be right around the corner.”