Available Slots for Private

Day Date Time Location Coach
Tuesday7 Feb MorningYour residence**Salvatore
Tuesday7 Feb 8:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Tuesday7 Feb 3:30 pmSt Wilfred TCB Tennis
Wednesday8 Feb MorningYour residence**Salvatore
Wednesday8 Feb 8:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Wednesday8 Feb 4:00 pmKallang TCSalvatore
Wednesday8 Feb AfternoonYour residence**Salvatore
Wednesday8 Feb 6:00 pmMOE Evans RoadSalvatore
Wednesday8 Feb 7:00 pmMOE Evans RoadSalvatore
Wednesday8 Feb 8:00 pmMOE Evans RoadSalvatore
Thursday9 Feb MorningYour residence**Salvatore
Thursday9 Feb 8:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Thursday9 Feb 9:00 amSt Wilfred TCMatthieu
Thursday9 Feb AfternoonYour residence**Salvatore
Thursday9 Feb 4:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Thursday9 Feb 5:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Thursday9 Feb 6:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Thursday9 Feb 8:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Friday10 Feb 9:00 amYour residence**Salvatore
Friday10 Feb 7:00 pmYour residence**Matthieu
Saturday11 Feb 11:00 amYour residence**Salvatore
Saturday11 Feb 6:00 pmYour residence**Salvatore
Sunday12 Feb 11:00 amMOE Evans RoadMatthieu
Sunday12 Feb 11:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Sunday12 Feb AfternoonYour residence**Salvatore
Sunday12 Feb AfternoonPastoral View*Salvatore
Monday13 Feb MorningYour residence**Salvatore
Monday13 Feb 8:00 amSt Wilfred TCB Tennis
Monday13 Feb 9:00 amSt Wilfred TCB Tennis
Monday13 Feb 4:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu
Monday13 Feb 4:00 pmYour residence**Salvatore
Monday13 Feb 5:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu
Monday13 Feb 5:00 pmYour residence**Salvatore
Monday13 Feb 6:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Monday13 Feb 8:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu
Monday13 Feb 8:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Tuesday14 Feb 7:00 amYour residence**Salvatore
Tuesday14 Feb 8:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Tuesday14 Feb 9:00 amKallang TCB Tennis
Tuesday14 Feb 5:00 pmKallang TCB Tennis
Tuesday14 Feb 6:00 pmKallang TCB Tennis
Tuesday14 Feb 7:00 pmKallang TCB Tennis
Tuesday14 Feb 7:00 pmYour residence**Salvatore
Wednesday15 Feb 9:00 amYour residence**Salvatore
Wednesday15 Feb AfternoonYour residence**B Tennis
Wednesday15 Feb 6:00 pmKallang TCB Tennis
Wednesday15 Feb 7:00 pmKallang TCB Tennis
Thursday16 Feb MorningYour residence**Salvatore
Thursday16 Feb 8:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Thursday16 Feb 8:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Friday17 Feb MorningYour residence**Salvatore
Friday17 Feb 7:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu
Saturday18 Feb 9:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Saturday18 Feb 10:00 amYour residence**Salvatore
Saturday18 Feb 11:00 amKallang TCMatthieu
Saturday18 Feb 3:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Saturday18 Feb 3:00 pmSt Wilfred TCMatthieu
Saturday18 Feb 5:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Saturday18 Feb 6:00 pmYour residence**Salvatore
Sunday19 Feb 10:00 amMOE Evans RoadMatthieu
Sunday19 Feb 11:00 amMOE Evans RoadMatthieu
Sunday19 Feb 11:00 amPastoral View*Salvatore
Sunday19 Feb AfternoonYour residence**Salvatore
Sunday19 Feb AfternoonPastoral View*Salvatore
Monday20 Feb MorningYour residence**Salvatore
Monday20 Feb 8:00 amSt WilfredMatthieu
Monday20 Feb 4:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu
Monday20 Feb 4:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Monday20 Feb 5:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Monday20 Feb 6:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu
Monday20 Feb 6:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore
Monday20 Feb 8:00 pmPastoral View*Salvatore

* Court can be booked based on request. Confirmation will be subject to court availability.
** For this timeslot and location the court has to be booked by the player.

If you are unable to find your preferred time slot, wish to train tonight, or for advanced booking, please contact Matthieu Bonnafous directly.

Secure your Booking
Contact Matthieu Bonnafous:

9425 5647 between 12 pm and 3 pm
9425 5647 state your chosen date and time


For new players, kindly note that payment is required before class.
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