Available Slots for Group Classes

LadiesAdultIntermediateMonday27 Mar 7:00 pmKallang TCMatthieuFull
Kids4/6Mini-TennisTuesday28 Mar 5:00 pmRiver ValleySalvatoreFull
MixteAdultAdvancedTuesday28 Mar 8:00 pmMoe Evans RdSalvatore1
Kids8/10GreenWednesday29 Mar 5:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu2
LadiesAdultIntermediateThursday30 Mar 8:00 amKallang TCMatthieu1
Girls7/9RedThursday30 Mar 5:00 pmSiglapMatthieuFull
Kids4/6Mini-TennisFriday31 Mar 5:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu1
Girls14+AdvancedSunday2 Apr 8:00 amMoe Evans RdMatthieu2
Kids5/7Red Sunday2 Apr 8:00 amCairnhillSalvatore2
LadiesAdultIntermediateMonday3 Apr 7:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu1
Kids4/6Mini-TennisTuesday4 Apr 5:00 pmRiver ValleySalvatoreFull
MixteAdultAdvancedTuesday4 Apr 8:00 pmMoe Evans RdMatthieuFull
Kids8/10GreenWednesday5 Apr 5:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu2
LadiesAdultIntermediateThursday6 Apr 8:00 amSt Wilfred TCMatthieu2
Girls7/9RedThursday6 Apr 5:00 pmSiglapMatthieu1
Kids4/6Mini-TennisFriday7 Apr 5:00 pmKallang TCMatthieu2
Girls14+AdvancedSunday8 Apr 8:00 amMoe Evans RdMatthieu2
Kids5/7Red Sunday8 Apr 8:00 amCairnhillSalvatore2
LadiesAdultIntermediateMonday9 Apr 7:00 pmKallang TCMatthieuFull
Kids4/6Mini-TennisTuesday10 Apr 5:00 pmRiver ValleySalvatoreFull
MixteAdultAdvancedTuesday10 Apr 8:00 pmMoe Evans RdSalvatore1

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